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Our phone dialer powers thousands of clients and millions of calls.

How it works

Log in from any computer. Make calls from any phone.


Import leads into our Contact Manager.

Start by importing a list of contacts you already have. PhoneBurner® includes a built-in Contact Manager that allows you to categorize, sort and search through your contacts in useful and efficient ways.


Record voicemails and create emails.

Record a message that PhoneBurner will leave for you when you reach a prospect’s voicemail. You can record and store unlimited messages in your voicemail library and choose the one you want to deliver. You can also create emails, and have them automatically sent to contacts based on the outcome of each call.


Choose the contacts you want to call.

Use your built-in Contact Manager to create a targeted list for your dial session. PhoneBurner® helps you query by category, custom tags, area and zip code, call frequency, last time dialed and more.


Start your dial session!

It’s as simple as picking up your phone, dialing into PhoneBurner®, and clicking a button. You’re ready to start calling contacts at a rate of up to 80 per hour. Take notes, schedule appointments, send emails and more – right from your dashboard.

12 reasons you'll love our power dialer

Sales acceleration tools to help you close more sales, with less effort.

Power dial for 4x more contacts.

Reach up to 80 contacts per hour. No manual dialing. Instantly leave voicemails and send emails. Sort, search and manage contacts with ease. We eliminate sales call drudgery so your time is spent doing what’s valuable – closing sales.

Leave a voicemail, without listening to theirs!

Tired of repeating your message over and over? Leave a professional voicemail with one click. You don’t even have to listen to their message before moving on to the next call – a huge time saver!

No connection delays.

Hear every “Hello.” No awkward pauses or delays. PhoneBurner eliminates finger fatigue, but you are always there and always in control.

Cloud based. Call from anywhere.

There’s nothing to install. Plug into our power dialer from wherever life takes you – with any phone and computer you’re set to go!

Send emails based on call outcome.

Save time sorting, record keeping, and taking action based on the results of each call. Custom “disposition sets” let you re-categorize prospects, take notes, send outcome based follow-up emails, and more – with a single click.

Know when contacts open emails and view attachments.

SmartSender takes lead tracking and follow-up to the next level. Easily send individual or multiple-attachment (ie. docs, videos, links, and more) SmartPacks, and you'll be notified when your contacts open emails and view attachments.

LeadStream: Smart Lead Distribution

Intelligently and automatically distribute leads among your sales team. LeadStream features a rich and highly customizable set of delivery rules for routing leads to the right reps, automatically redistributing unworked leads, and ensuring leads are handled when they’re most likely to convert.

Import and manage leads with ease.

PhoneBurner’s intuitive CRM makes it simple to manage your leads, take notes and schedule follow-ups. Create custom layouts, tags, and searches to streamline any sales process and sell better, faster.

Awesome sorting functionality.

Better sorting means more productive dial sessions. Sort by dozens of data fields as well as tags, call recency, frequency, and more. Saved searches and custom data layouts ensure you get the best results from every session.

Premium features for inside sales success.

Up your game with premium features like call recording, call tracking, retargeting and more – all included with our Unlimited plan. Plus, dial from local area codes with our flexible Local ID plans.

We play very nicely with others.

PhoneBurner is integrated with Salesforce and can easily integrate with other software through our API. We’re also happy to offer private label and co-branding partnership opportunities.

Affordable pricing. No setup fees!

Get more done. Close more sales. Reach 447% more contacts per hour – with no extra effort – starting today! Plans start at just $67.50 after your free trial with absolutely no setup fees, and no additional usage fees!


ZERO long term contracts or set up fees.

Team Features

Do you need multiple users? Enjoy these team features!

Up to 50% Off Per User

As your team grows, we can grow with you with our discounted rate. You can get a 17% discount starting as low as 3 users and get up to 50% off per seat when your team grows to 50 users!

Full Admin Control

You control everything from one easy-to-use account. Assign and suspend seats, access and change login data, and enable and disable contact import and export. Network your accounts to enable contact sharing or keep them independent.

Content Configuration

We make it easy for you to customize your accounts – with emails, button configurations, call scripts and more – so your team can focus on selling. Eliminate tedious content and configuration work by pushing changes to your organization, whenever it becomes necessary.

Real Time Reporting

Know exactly what agents are up to you. Real-time reports help you measure productivity and performance, so you can hold agents accountable and reward success. Plus, in-depth team metrics, session statistics, and call recordings empower you to assess training needs, and take actions that drive results.


Want to motivate your sales agents with some friendly competition? Broadcast a real-time leaderboard monitor in your office or phone room. Let agents compete daily for calls made, talk time, “interested” prospects and other metrics, and watch their productivity soar.

Smart Lead Distribution

LeadStream is a game-changer that saves time, reduces lead costs, and improves conversion. Intelligently and automatically distribute leads to your team with highly customizable set of delivery rules. Define recipients, lead quantity, delivery order,

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